Property Reconstruction Services


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At Faulkner Restoration, we know that communication is the key to having a successful project. That is why we spend so much time with our Clients; to understand their needs and then translate that into a building that meets those needs while adding the “wants” to make it a place you are proud to call your own.


Value Engineering

We specialize in value engineering a project which basically means, we are going to find a way to get you what you want! Through our many years of experience, we have built a vast database of construction knowledge and we figure, why reinvent the wheel? We will help you take a complicated idea, simplify it through our knowledge and experience and then integrate it into your project. We just want you to be completely satisfied with the project from start to finish.


Property Build Outs

We specialize in the things the typical commercial builders don’t want to mess with; that is the interior build out of existing space. Most times the large builders want to build the building or “shell”, but we want to meet the people who will be in that building. We understand that a new or small business needs to watch things a lot closer than the mega buildings going up all around. Let’s face it; most clients just can’t do that.  

That is why we like to learn about our clients and their business before we ever start the planning process. We are here to give you what you want, not to run over you with our ideas and push you into looking the same as everyone else. We like to have a customized, unique plan for each client. This does two things. One: it allows us to control costs for you and give you a very functional facility, and Two: it allows you to keep your own identity – I mean, your identity is what has made you successful and why you need more space in the first place, right?


Construction Estimating

Our estimating follows the same theme that is throughout our company, the customer is the focus. We have some pricing ideas based on historical square footage numbers but we want to truly customize your project based on costs. We help you filter through the wants and needs that your company has to make sure we have all the needs are met and in place and then are able to look at adding in the top wants to make your project “pop”.


Construction Completion

We stand behind our work because our work is our reputation. We will work with you until the punch list is complete and to your satisfaction. We will then go over warranty information as well as all appliance-related warranties. If there are ever questions we are just a phone call away and will go out of our way to serve you, even after the final payment has been collected. Not exactly what you would expect, is it?