Restoration Insurance Claims

The Property Damage Experience

Property damage can take many forms.  The impact is sudden, and the experience is often traumatic.  To add insult to injury the insurance companies are not always clear when it comes to explaining your coverage.  Your insurance coverage can vary a great deal depending on the provider, and your specific policy.  When your property is damaged due to fire, water, or storm damage, you may be stuck wondering how to proceed.  

  • Who can help me fix this damage?
  • Do I call my insurance company first?
  • Will my insurance company cover this disaster?
  • Do I need to take pictures before we start the cleanup process?
  • Will my insurance company cover my claim to rebuilt or repair?

This is where we come in.  We are trained to take care of the dirty work so that you can focus on your family. We will work hand-in-hand with your adjuster to settle your claim. Together we will determine the scope of work needed to repair the damages. 

We will stay in touch with the adjuster after the estimating process to make them aware of progress as well as any unforeseen damages that may come up. We will complete all repairs and put your home back together. The only cost to the homeowner is the amount of your deductible.

Our Professionals

At Faulkner Restoration, we employ trained and certified experts at recovering from a loss situation. We understand the claims process and will walk you, the client, through the steps of a claim. We use Xactimate, the leading estimating software for insurance companies across the country. 

Our representatives are equipped with digital cameras so we can photograph and forward these photos to your adjuster for a timely turnaround of your insurance claim.

Denied Insurance Claim, What Now?

Contractors and adjusters alike can overlook items. If damage repair is not authorized by your insurance company and you would like a second opinion, our trained estimators can help. We will do our own on-site inspection and take photos of our findings. 

We will then present you and/or your insurance company with a report and our estimate. However, unlike most companies, we will always be truthful about whether repairs are actually needed. We do this to keep with our certifications as well as to operate Faulkner Restoration with integrity.