Smoke & Soot Removal

Soot and Smoke Removal

Smoke Odor and Contamination

In the event of a minor fire, you will discover the walls, floors, blinds and furnishings will be covered in a layer of thick, black smoke.  This layer of black smoke is what we refer to as Soot.  Soot contributes to the overwhelming odor of smoke and fire.  Have you ever seen the inside of a fireplace?  Imagine the condition of a fireplace all over your valuable assets.

That's why soot and smoke removal is an essential part of the fire restoration process. Our trained professionals will use specialized solutions, equipment and techniques to properly remove all soot residue from your property.  You can't just take a wet cloth to your walls, and expect it to be clean.  Soot and smoke removal is a labor intensive job that requires professional attention to prevent further damage to your property and health.