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Risks and Causes of Mold

Moisture and mold go hand in hand with one another.  Microscopic spores travel through the air, meet up with moisture and humidity, and generate a harmful fungus.  Untreated water damage can also lead to rapid mold growth.  

Unchecked mold growth can be dangerous to your health.  Out of control mold fungus can reduce air quality, cause respiratory irritation, or worse aggravated asthma attacks.  If your home or commercial business has been impacted by a mold problem, don't hesitate to contact our IICRC certified restoration specialists. 

Mold Removal Steps

Mold doesn't belong inside your home or business. Faulkner Restoration's mold remediation specialists are trained to find mold spores, contain the spread and take steps to prevent the conditions for future growth.  

  • Inspection of area impacted by mold.
  • Containment of mold to prevent spreading.
  • Eliminate source of water, or moisture contributing to growth.
  • Removal of mold spores, and contaminated property.
  • Mold Damage Property Restoration

Mold Damage Removal

Mold Remediation is the process of cleaning mold by removing, and properly treating impacted surfaces.  Please note that Mold Removal is not a "DIY" job.  The proper removal of mold requires professional chemicals, equipment and training not available to the general public. 

Don't take chances when you see mold growth.  If left untreated it can spread, and dramatically lower the value of your home or commercial building.  Our specialists will inspect your property, discuss a plan for remediation, and work with your insurance company to remove any damage.